How Princess Diana tried to DEPRIVE Prince Charles of his right to the throne – ‘Madness’ – Express

How Princess Diana tried to DEPRIVE Prince Charles of his right to the throne – ‘Madness’ – Express

Prince Charles
Princess Diana tried to “deprive” Prince Charles of his right to the throne, claimed a royal biographer. Lady Colin Campbell believes Princess Diana had an “agenda” for Prince William to become King while she “worked herself” in as Regent.
Speaking in the new documentary ‘Scandals at the Palace’, Lady Campbell said: “The thing that people objected to, not only in the Royal family but in establishment circles, was how she had tried to deprive Charles of his rights to the throne. Her agenda was if the Queen dies and Charles is out of the line of succession, William becomes King and she can work herself into the position of being Regent.“I mean the whole thing was madness.”The comments were made in relation to an explosive interview, in which Princess Diana said: “Being Prince of Wales produces more freedom now and being King would be a little bit more suffocating.“Because I know the character, I would think that the top job as I call it would bring enormous limitations to him. And I don’t know whether he could adapt to that, I don’t know.”The Princess of Wales’ unprecedented Panorama interview in 1995 was reportedly what finally made the Queen “lose her ....

Things were by no means all right.
The Queen finally lost her patience. This public mud-slinging wasn’t just harming the monarchy, it was damaging for the young princes.”Ms Junor explains: “After consulting with the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury, she wrote formally and privately to her son and daughter-in-law asking them to put the country out of its uncertainty and to divorce as early as possible.”It has been reported that the Queen “read the riot act” to both Charles and Diana and Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, urging both pairs to divorce during a meeting over Christmas at Sandringham in 1995.The Prince and Princess of Wales finalised their divorce in August 1996, however the divorce battle was a sensation as it played out publicly that year.Princess Diana walked away with a staggering £17million lump sum – around £31million in today’s money.It forced the Prince to borrow from the Queen to meet the terms, which also included an additional £400, 000 – around £730, 000 today – annually.The Princess also signed a confidentiality agreement that meant she could not talk publicly about her marriage or royal life. She also gave up her HRH title and became known simply as ....

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