4 The Queen haunted by rumours of Prince Philip’s affairs – NEWS.com.au

4 The Queen haunted by rumours of Prince Philip’s affairs – NEWS.com.au

Queen Elizabeth II
The marriage of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has lasted for over 70 years — yet it hasn’t escaped rumours of alleged affairs.British author Ingrid Seward, who is also editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, has been covering the royals since the 1980s and has written more than 20 books on the subject. Her latest, My Husband And I: The Inside Story Of 70 Years Of Royal Marriage, analyses the lasting union between Elizabeth, 92 and Philip, 97. In the book, Seward investigates allegations of Philip’s affairs which have lingered for decades. As previously reported by Town & Country, the Duke of Edinburgh has been linked to numerous women, most notably Pat Kirkwood in the ’30s and ’40s, a stage actor whose legs were coined “the eighth wonder of the world”.Philip and Kirkwood reportedly met on seven different occasions, the first of which Philip went to her dressing room before a performance in London in 1948.
That initial meeting purportedly led to dinner and dancing until dawn. Elizabeth, who was then a princess, was eight months pregnant with Prince Charles at the time. .

According to the UK’s Mirror, Kirkwood denied claims of any illicit relationship with Prince Phillip until her death in 2007 at age 86.“In my research, I never got a conclusive answer, ” Seward told Fox News about all the rumours. “There’s so much gossip about Philip and his affairs, but all the women that deny it, that have been picked out of possibilities of having affairs — well, most of them are dead now. … And Philip himself obviously denies it.” In 2012, The Telegraph reported royal biographer and historian Michael Thornton had custody of the letters between Philip and Kirkwood.
Thornton claimed he wasn’t allowed, by the terms of Kirkwood’s will, to show the letters to anyone “except the person who will be chosen as Philip’s official biographer after his death”.However, the publication noted nothing in the letters confirmed anything improper occurred between “the prince and the showgirl”. The Telegraph added it was photographer Baron Nahum who introduced his pal Philip to Kirkwood at the London Hippodrome, where she was headlining in the revue Starlight Roof. .

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