15 times Prince George wore outfits like Prince William – The Frisky

15 times Prince George wore outfits like Prince William – The Frisky

Prince William
678SHARES For the royal family, wearing clothes means much more than simply putting on an outfit. When Kate Middleton decided to wear an outfit more than once, she shows her thrift side and moderation, which could be vital qualities in a future Queen.
When Meghan Markle is wearing a brand like Outland Denim, she is not only promoting the brand, but she is also benefiting victims of sex trafficking.When Prince George wears outfits similar to ones Prince William wore when he was young, it tells us a story of the British royal family, and it is taking us back to some prior happy moments. Here are 15 outfits of young Prince George looking like his father, Prince William’s outfits when he was a young baby royal himself.RainbootsPrince William wore his rainboots while observing his father play polo in 1987, and Prince George had him on for this year’s Christmas card picture.Royal uniformPrince George wore a child’s version of the historical Blues and Royals uniforms as a page boy for Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018.Blue shortsPrincess Diana put Prince William in blue shorts and a Peter Pan collared shirt for his brother, Prince Harry’s christening in 1984. Kate Middleton had Prince ....

Mary’s Hospital after the birth of his brother Harry in this picture, and on the right I Prince George at his sister, Princess Charlotte’s christening.Father and sonThis is literally a reenactment of the royal father-son photo taken back in 1984.
On the left is Prince Charles in his red military uniform, holding his baby boy William, who has a light blue outfit. In the right is Prince William in his red military uniform, holding his baby bog George at 2015 Trooping the Colour parade.Navy and redPrince William in a blue puffer jacket with red accents, and Prince George in 2014 with a blue sweater-vest with the famous red British soldiers.Blue OverallsPrince William in the Kensington Palace’s garden in 1984 in blue overalls and a striped T-shirt. Prince George is photographed in striped blue overalls at the London’s Natural History Museum in 2014.Red OverallsThis time, it is Prince Harry dressed in red overalls in 1986, and Prince George is on the right, resembling his uncle’s outfit in 2014.RomperAn adorable photo of Princess Diana holding her son, William who is dressed in a romper. Geroge had similar outfit years later, during his parents’ royal tour of Australia back in 2014.Christening outfitHoniton christening ....

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